The True Meaning of Christmas


What is the true meaning of Christmas? To many, the true meaning of Christmas can be classified by ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas, frosted sugar cookies, Mariah Carey’s holiday album, and ugly Christmas sweaters. To others, Christmas may be a religious event, centering around the birth of Christ. For children it is the continuous belief in jolly old Santa Claus.  Every family is different but we can all agree that each single household is brought together with the spirit of the holidays. My coworker, Omar, for example is not a strong supporter of Christmas but still joins his family members to watch Christmas movies. My other friend Janae is 18 years old and still forced to bake cookies with her brother in order to continue family Christmas traditions. LHS student, Josh Buttacovole, must light up the Christmas tree with all of his siblings. Instead of staying home, the family has made it a tradition to go somewhere different for dinner. Another student, Jarenti Warshawsky, eats pernil every year. Pernil is a spanish dish that includes pork with various spices. Proceeding the meal, the family members open gifts and celebrate for 24 hours. In my household, all my family members dress up in onesies and participate in a potluck, an event in which every individual provides a unique plate of food. In reality, whether  you believe in traditional concepts of Christmas or the new commercialized version, Christmas has a funny way of bringing us all together. It is a time where we can forget all the troubles of the world and leave the year on a good note. It is a time in which we are granted the opportunity to process our future and prepare to turn over a new leaf. Whether you believe in Christmas or not, be kind to others and enjoy the festivities, especially Starbucks’ array of holiday flavored coffee. Happy Holidays from the Lodi Rampage!!