Breathe… It’s only Stress

Breathe... Its only Stress

Plain and simple,  human beings are subject to a form of stress. It is a natural disaster that consumes our lives with sleep deprivation, a growing pile of work, and an eerie resemblance to the guy from the Snickers commercial. Stress affects your physical appearance as well as your mental stability. Unmanaged stress can lead to a serious amount of problems including anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, and heart disease. According to USA Today, more than a quarter (27%) of teens  say that they experience “extreme stress” during the school year,  13% are affected in the summer and an estimated 34% increase in students under stress will occur this upcoming year. Stress catalysis range from school, work, family, and friends. The worst part of it all is that teens fail to find effective ways to combat stress. This, in turn, results in skipping meals due to lack of time, lack of required exercise, and in some occasions turning to drugs for coping methods. Senior, Karla Clavelo, has revealed to us her methods to relieving stress. “It helps finding something a few times a week that relaxes you, whether that is going to the gym or tanning, which is what I do. My tips include to make lists even if you have a million lists, it helps. Also, the app ‘To do Reminder’ helps me to stay organized.” Karla Clavelo currently ranks on the top percentage of the senior class while being president of not only Key Club but also of Interact Club. She is a well-rounded student who has come face to face with stress. In another interview with senior, Joey Paladino, he believes that in order to be stress free one must have a method; this includes taking the time to hang out with friends and diverging from the madness of school. His top stress inducers are girls, school work, and the instability of friends. Unlike many high school students, Joey does not religiously follow the idea of procrastination. “If I am already halfway through a task, there will be no procrastination.” Planning ahead of time allows Joey to avoid procrastination at all costs. Organization is your best friend. In conclusion, stress is the worst. It pushes us to our limits. However, stress is not only centered around school. It can range from peer relationships, home conditions, and extra curricular activities. Just remember, this too shall pass. When you feel stressed out just take 10 minutes, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Let the worries of the world escape the creases of your brain. It is necessary to take the time and effort to ensure the best for your body both internally and externally. If you do not care for yourself who will? Stay positive .