A Day in the Life as Cosmo and Wanda


The beloved animated television series of the boy with two magical fairy godparents, that is embedded in our childhood memories, is being brought to life this Halloween season by sophomore couple, Caterina Messina and Donny Mantilla. The couple thought that this year they should be someone or something outside of the box and instantly the quickly sprung idea formed and they agreed on being The Fairly OddParents’ dynamic duo, Cosmo (Donny) and Wanda (Caterina).

The decision was influenced by Donny’s personal interest in cartoons, and Caterina’s knowledge of how happy it would make him dressing up as anything cartoon related. Caterina also says that she too enjoys spending her past time with him watching cartoons and thought that being these characters would be a great idea for a costume.

Although the couple can’t individually relate to Cosmo and Wanda, they do know that the relationship of these animated characters portray an accurate description of their own relationship, as Donny says, “One is smart (Wanda/Caterina), one is dumb (Cosmo/Donny).”

Even though the two have thought of or searched the internet for costume ideas, they both found that being Cosmo and Wanda would not only be a costume many would find humorous, but also it would describe who they are individually and who they are as a happy couple for this Halloween season.