Organizing Your School Year


Even though it is only October, you may already feel overwhelmed and unorganized. Keeping everything in one spot may be difficult for you. Your grades may be dropping because you keep losing assignments and you didn’t know that your science project was due yesterday. If you can relate, have no fear –the Rampage is here to help you out! Everyone has a different way of keeping organized. Here are some different supplies and tips that might benefit not just your grades, but also your everyday lifestyle.

One way to stay organized and to keep track of your schedule is to actually write dates and homework in your planner. When using a planner try to color code each class by using colorful pens to organize by a certain color. You can also use highlighters to organize your deadlines. If the deadline for your project is tomorrow, you may want to highlight that project so that you know it is a priority. If you have an important event coming up, whether it is a game or a doctor’s appointment, keep track of it in your planner so you know how much time you have to do homework and other activities throughout the day. If you feel that there isn’t enough room in the LHS planners, purchase one from Walmart or Target. They usually sell for about $5-$10. If you don’t want to spend the money on a planner, print out a weekly or even a monthly planner that you can easily find on the Internet.

By the end of the school week, you may have worksheets all over your binder and in your locker. A great way to keep organized is to have a file organizer, which is a large folder that is composed of smaller folders. At the end of each week, put all worksheets into each class file so you have each paper organized in the correct spot. At the end of each marking period, take out the papers from each class and create a binder for each marking period that contains each worksheet.

One small change that can transform your organization skills is color-coding; keep a color for each class. Keep the same color for your supplies so that you can stay organized by having all work in one spot. For math class, keep a blue notebook or a blue section in your binder along with a blue folder. This makes it easier to ensure that you are grabbing all of the correct belongings. 

Knowing your grades for each class is crucial in having a successful school year. If you do not have a Genesis account already, fill out a form in central office. Check your Genesis account multiple times a week so if there happens to be an error or if you are not satisfied with your grade, you can talk to your teacher to resolve the issue. Stay on top of your grades throughout the year. If you slack now, you may regret it when you are applying to colleges.

Another great way to stay organized is to set reminders on your phone. Pick a reasonable time and stick to it. Nothing is worse than missing an assignment. If you tend to procrastinate, set a “deadline” before the actual deadline. It’s a great feeling when you finish the work before it is actually due.

Keep a variety of pens, pencils, highlighters, and markers with you. Keep different colors with you so that it does not look like one long note. It is scientifically proven that students are more successful on their tests when their notes are neat and are written in multiple colors. Set a highlighter for each of the following topics: Dates, Terms, People, Words, Events, Places, Quotes, Misc. When writing your notes, add small sticky notes to your notes that help with reminders.

A great way to remain organized is to find ideas on Pinterest. Pinterest has a variety of ideas and additional tips and tricks that can quickly transform your school life.

The Rampage reached out to Mrs. Orosz and Ms. Getrajdman to learn about their ways of staying organized:

* Mrs. Orosz: She uses the calendar app on her phone that keeps a “to-do” list. She feels it is reliable because it reminds her of tasks that she needs to complete. She believes that it is crucial to rely on an organization method in maintaining success in your life. She wants you to find a successful organization method and to stick to it.

* Ms. Getrajdman: She keeps a desk calendar and writes all important dates. When she feels that there is a lot going on throughout the day, she creates a to-do list for that day. She feels better when she can cross out tasks after completing them. It makes her workload feel less intense. For students, she believes that binders with dividers are most successful because you can easily add and remove things from it. She also encourages you to write things in your planner so that you do not forget to do them.

There are so many small changes that can make your school year run smoothly. Even if you use just one of these tips, it may help you in the future! Best of luck with staying organized!