The Lodi Rampage

  • Hanukkah 12/23
  • Christmas Day 12/25
Olivia Celestine
Q: What is your go to activity when you have nothing else to do?

A: I'm always listening to music, so I just like to chill listening to music or if I have the time, sometimes I play piano.

Q: How would you describe your personality in three words?

A: Weird definitely, shy, but also outgoing.

Q: Who do you consider to be your idol in life?

A: My idol? Definitely my mom for sure.

Q: What kind of people do you generally like to be around?

A: People who are positive because if I surround myself with people that don’t have an uplifting mindset and they are always down, that doesn’t motivate me. That doesn’t make me feel good, like they don’t want me around.

Olivia Celestine, Writer

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