Gaming Club: Unlocking New Levels at LHS!


If gaming or watching anime has always been a hobby or even if it has just piqued your interest, then you should consider joining the new Game and Anime club! The Game and Anime club is advised by Mr. Foster. Mr. Foster stated that he had many people approach him about starting a gaming club and since he has always been an avid gamer, it was his pleasure to help make the club become a reality.  Mr. Foster also includes anime into the club. The club’s topic gets divided into different days. On gaming days, their meetings consists of watching a video to a topic related to gaming and then having a short discussion about the video. The club then breaks up into groups based on their interest in different types of gaming, such as board games, video games, or card games. On anime days, the club talks about different genres within anime and then watches suggested videos based on student interest. If you want to check out the Game or Anime club, stop by in room 217 on Mondays and Thursdays!