Surviving Valentine’s Day Alone

Surviving Valentines Day Alone

Don’t Fret

Being alone on Valentine’s Day is the worst and there’s no way to deny that. Maybe you’re surrounded by all of these amazing couples, while they’re celebrating their first, fifth, or 20th Valentine’s Day together. Maybe you’re watching relationships bloom and yours is only in the “crush” phase. Whatever the case may be, feeling lonely and bitter is inevitable but survivable. Here are some ways to avoid being a loner on Valentine’s Day.

Find Distractions

Find something to do with your day. Take out that to-do list you’ve been avoiding and get to work. Clean up around the house, catch up on all of your TV shows, read a book. Anything that you can do to keep yourself occupied, do it. Otherwise, your mind will continue to zone in on the date, February 14, and you’ll continue to remember it’s not a normal day.

Find Your Friends

Make a day/night out of it! Go hang out with some friends and have fun. There’s no need to be alone today when you have friends who’d love to hang out. Whether you’re going out to eat, crossing off something from the group’s bucket list, or just goofing around,  don’t forget to just enjoy the company!

Treat Yo’ Self

How about a day to just get to know you? Treating yourself to a spa day, bubble bath, long naps, favorite foods can really make you appreciate the day. Pack the day filled with your wish list of things to do for yourself. Make it your day and just love yourself.

It Gets Better

Seriously, it’s okay to be alone. Get to know yourself, be with yourself, and have fun. Relationships are not a necessity for happiness. Being alone does not have to be a bad thing. Whether you find that special someone or not, life is good, so enjoy it.