A Bear-y Special Surprise

The anxiety of waiting for an answer from a college or university is the toughest part about the college application process. Many Lodi High School seniors attended Instant Decision day. The students who applied to Bloomfield College and got accepted via Instant Decision received not only a “yes” but a huge surprise. On the 25 of November Bloomfield’s mascot, The Bear, paid some students a special visit. Not only did they get a nice bear hug but they received their acceptance letters along with scholarships. Imagine sitting in class and turning around to have your future handed to you. The four students Osama Al Safarjalani, Hakeem Reardon , Gabriela Santos- DeLeon, and Valentina Molina were very happy to get a warm welcome into one of the colleges of their choice! Maybe next time it will be you getting a bear hug!