Spread the Love


Links of Love is a project founded by the Respect Crew, whose goal is to advocate for respect and to spread kindness and awareness for social issues. Links of Love is one of the projects they do to spread kindness and positivity throughout Lodi High School. President, Jonah Balagtas, and Vice President, Kyle Crouchelli, were able to give The Rampage the inside scoop on the background of Links of Love and why it is considered to be such an empowering project.

Originally, Links of Love was a contest to see which class showed the most kindness, but there was just so much love that a new approach had to be taken. Now, they are simply acknowledging all acts of kindess as one rather than competing. All students are asked to tell about a time where someone, a fellow peer, a coach, teacher, or administrator, in Lodi High School performed an act of kindness for them that they appreciated. This allows students to express their appreciation for someone who showed them kindness but remain anonymous at the same time!

If you look around in the hallways, you will see the colored slips of paper posted on the walls. If you read them you’ll notice all the kind acts people do for one another. This project shows that we are not simply members of the student body here at LHS, but part of a family.

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President Jonah Balagtas & Vice President Kyle Crouchelli
President Jonah Balagtas & Vice President Kyle Crouchelli