New Player to Hit the Court!


Freshman Julia Guinto sat down with The Rampage to share how she feels about joining the tennis team. Was she scared or excited? Read on and you’ll find out!

Q: What made you want to join the tennis team?

A: “I wanted another extracurricular activity to do during school because I did softball, but that’s in a completely different season and I need something else to do in school.”

Q: Is it harder than you expected it to be?

A: “Yeah a lot harder because I thought you just hit the ball with a racket and it goes over the net, but it’s a lot more complicated than that.”

Q: Are there any players on the team who have inspired you to do better?

A: “Mailan because she’s at the top.”

Q: Do you feel that playing tennis will interfere with your school work?

A: “I’ve had a sport clash with school before, so I think I can handle it pretty well.”

Q: What were your fears when joining?

A: “That I would be bad. That the team wouldn’t like me.”

Q: Was tennis your first choice sport?

A: “No, softball was.”

Q: As a freshman do you feel that your teammates were welcoming?

A: “Yeah I guess they had to be because we were new. They couldn’t scare us because we would leave the team.”

Q: What were your thoughts on the first game?

A: “It was a good thing to watch so I can take some pointers from what happens in an actual game.”

Q: Do you think you’ve made improvements since summer practices?

A: “Yeah I think I have made a lot of improvements! I actually know how to hit a ball now.”

Q: Do you plan on joining the team again next year?

A: “Yes, definitely because I love the atmosphere of the actual team and I really love the sport more now than I did before.”