Hiking with the Rams

As winter comes to an end, it is finally time for warmer weather, new beginnings, and most importantly, Spring. To celebrate this, Lodi High School’s hiking club had their first hike of the year. This was a great way to experience the outdoors all thanks to Ms. Frith who organized and planned the day. At the Nature Center, staff taught students how to use a map and compass, because all real hikers need to know these skills. Then after properly getting a walk through of how it works, students were put to the test and sent out on the trail to see what they learned. Overall, students had a good time getting to learn new skills and be with their friends in a new environment. They also plan to go on some weekends to places even further away that are more difficult, but enjoyable hikes. Next year, the Hiking Club will also hopefully even run another trip to the Tenafly Nature Center to try orienteering – a sport that uses a map and compass to help participants race to different checkpoints in the woods (like a scavenger hunt).  If you are someone who likes the outdoors and is adventurous, the hiking club is a perfect fit for you. To get more information, you can email Ms. Frith [email protected]