What Does Respect Mean to You?

The week of Oct. 7 was the National Week of Respect! Here at Lodi High School, the guidance department organized several events throughout the week, allowing all students and staff to participate. The LHS community paid respect towards the LGBTQ+ community by wearing pride day shirts to school. Later in the week, students and teachers wore their favorite sports team jerseys to “Team Up Against Bullying.” Although it can be defined differently among each individual, the LHS student and faculty said that the word “respect” means equality, kindness, empathy, and setting each other’s differences aside. When we asked Ms. Passano, she said:

“The Week of Respect is so important to the LHS community because it allows students, faculty, and staff to understand the importance of mutual respect among everyone. My goal for that week is to create a positive school environment and help to create a safe and supportive school. As a counselor, I hope that the Week of Respect helps to devoid harassment, intimidation, and bullying at our school and encourages academic success for all.”

In this video, we highlight the Week of Respect here at Lodi and we ask some of the LHS staff what respect means to them. Which leaves us with one question: How do you show your respect?