Let’s Talk About College


Where to begin? Applications, SAT/ACT tests, financial aid, recommendation letters, FAFSA, transcripts, Naviance, essays, campus tours, scholarships…AAHH! That was a mouthful! And yet, there is so much more to know and do as your path to college awaits. Applying to college, without a doubt, is stressful to begin with. To help not only seniors but also their families, the Lodi High School guidance department hosted their annual College Night. 

Throughout the event, LHS hosted a couple of guest speakers as well as learned valuable information from our guidance department. Kean University counselor, Grace Sanchez Ferrer, provided LHS families with important information about financial aid as well as the Free Application For Student Aid (FAFSA). Following, Ms. Ferrer, Mrs. Orosz and Mrs. Dorfman provided step-by-step information for applying to college. Ending the set of presentations was Dr. Jolene Arasz (PsyD) who provided valuable intake concerning mental health support regarding post-secondary education. 

For the last event of College Night, the guidance department hosted a variety of colleges in a college admissions fair in the LHS cafeteria. Students and parents were able to meet with a variety of college representatives who provided key information about various colleges and financial aid. Colleges such as Rutgers Newark, Kean University, Caldwell University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Montclair University, Seton Hall University, Felician University, and Bergen Community College all came with advisors to answer questions and inform students. 

The college application process can be very overwhelming because like most students they might not know what to do and where to go. However, using different tools that are being provided by our Lodi High School advisors helps to make this process go much smoother. Be on the look-out for different events that might be coming up and email your counselors to stay on top of everything. Remember to take it easy and be organized –that is the key to your future endeavors!