The Clash of 22′ and 23′

After an unfortunate turn of events last year, Lodi High School’s annual Powderpuff game was back in action on Oct. 15. The junior girls went head-to-head with the senior girls in a game of football to see who was the better grade. However, a football game isn’t complete without cheerleaders; so, the junior and senior boys had a cheer-off to see who had the better cheerleaders.  The game was at a cross roads with both teams making many runs but no reach in the end zone. Junior Benita Osmani almost had a full field touchdown until she was stopped by senior Shaniya Richberg at the 10 yard mark. Then, at the end of the second half when all looked lost, senior Shaniya Richberg carried the ball into the end zone sealing the victory with a final score of 6-0.  This year’s event brought out the much-needed school spirit that was missing. This is only the start of this year’s many events! So make sure to tune into the Lodi Rampage for weekly updates. Hope to see you at the next event!