National Month of Hope


Starting back in 2018, an organization called Mothers in Crisis made April the national month of hope. Although the nonprofit organization used their slogan “Hope for Health” to help families remain hopeful about living substance free lives, the month has quickly become to be about much more.

Originating from the latin word “cupio,” which means to desire or wish well, the word hope has been a major source of inspiration for many people. The global pandemic has taken so much from people (jobs, activities, loved ones), but the one thing that has helped us through all of the hardships has been hope. Despite it seeming like we will never resume normalcy, here are a few things to keep you going.

  1. Public concern for Earth’s health has never been higher. Global warming is no longer a conversation just for scientists and concerned citizens. Politicians are now making serious headway on saving the planet.
  2. Mental health improvements. Despite the hard year teens have endured, mental health rates in adolescents have been at an all time low.
  3. Outside dining. Life is slowly but surely returning to usual. With outside dining starting to open up in more locations, family dinners, dates, and friend hang outs can be done safely!
  4. Nice weather. There is a direct correlation between sunny weather and improved mental health. The nice weather also means outside activities can be accomplished. Picnics, walks, and sports can all be done while also being socially distanced and safe.
  5. Vaccines. Best case scenario was having a vaccine in 18 months, and we managed to get two in under a year. Although the progress has been slow, we are reaching the end. With every new scientific discovery, life gets a little closer to normalcy.


The past year has been nothing if not stressful, but the one positive attribute we can all take with us is hope. There is this constant fear of never getting past the pandemic and that this will be our lives forever, but it won’t be. We will get through this, one hopeful day at a time.