Staying Positive in 2021


So, it’s a new year and some of us are feeling like we’re in a slump. Nothing feels different than it did last year. I get it; the times have been tough and when this pandemic came smack out of no where, it threw mostly everyone for a curve. While many people finally adjusted, I know that most of the world (along with myself) are itching to get back to a more fast-pace moving life. This is why some of us are sitting back in a funk because we were hoping that the new year may just bring us all new beginnings with no COVID and no more hardships. While this may not be the case right now, we still need to find ways to remain positive and to prioritize attainable goals for the time being! Some of the kind teachers of LHS were happy to provide us with some of their ways they are staying positive and looking at life during this time. Hope you enjoy!