Respect: It’s Not a Word, It’s a Lifestyle

Various instances in a person’s day are defined by the interaction he/she has with others. Respect in these instances is important as these interactions can lead to the formation of friendships. In this video, we gathered a few students to share what kindness and respect mean to them. To help spread kindness within the school, Key Club displayed post it notes on all school lockers and classroom doors. The post it notes consisted of positive phrases and compliments. Small acts, such as giving compliments or holding the door for someone, can go a long way and change someone’s perspective of the world. By taking an initiative, you can start today and make the world a nicer place one step at a time. Down below we listed a few suggestions to help you get started:

  • Pick up trash around town
  • Be kind to your server at a restaurant or fast food place
  • Help out around the house, without being told to
  • Take public transportation and engage with the community
  • Bake some sweet goods for your friends when they don’t expect it
  • Text your friends or acquaintances some encouraging words or phrases so they can either start off or end their day on a positive note
  • Leave a thoughtful message in someone’s notebook
  • Pay for the person behind you on line
  • Let someone go ahead of you in line

These are only a few to get you started on your journey to happiness and prosperity. Not only are you changing someone else’s life, but you are also changing your views and slowly making society a better place!