Espresso and Expression

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Espresso and Expression

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The second Coffee House took place on Friday, Feb. 8. The Coffee House is a night where everyone gathers together to show off their talents. Often times, students sing, read poetry, or display their skills with instruments, all while impressing the audience. It’s safe to say that this coffee house was equally, if not more, impressive than those prior. Many regulars performed, but we also had quite a few rookies who showed their talents for the first time. We had students perform covers of classics, like Can’t Help Falling In Love; others played guitar while singing simultaneously; and, we had some aspiring artists perform their own music. If you weren’t able to make it, we have compiled an album of photos that highlight the memorable moments of the event! Hopefully, we’ll see you at the next and final coffee house of the year on April 5!

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  • The stage is set for a great night.

  • Dakota kicks things off

  • Allaina Padolina performs Soul Sister and Still Into You

  • Danielle Gould performs Hiding My Heart

  • Jaclyn Navas dedicates song to her parents

  • Agnesa Bytyqi performs Valerie

  • Joary performs a song in Spanish

  • Antonio performs Love by Frank SInatra

  • Gabby and Danielle perform Best Part

  • Anastassia performs

  • A friend from outside LHS performs a Bo Burnam song

  • Isabella performs Bad Day

  • Brianna Rojao and Sarah Santana perform Lay Me Down

  • Dakota passes on the hosting torch to Mercedes McNally .

  • Nick Marin and Allaina Padolina sing a duet featuring Nick's ukulele

  • The audience goes crazy for the ukulele

  • Steve is accompanied by Eli as he performs an original song.

  • Jasmine presents some original poetry

  • Dakota closes out the night

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