Senior Wills

For the past four years, we have built a legacy for ourselves. Whether it was for sports,  clubs, or extracurricular activities, we as a class molded a path for future students to follow just like the past classes had done for us. It’s now our time to pass on our achievements to future generations as they age. Here are just a few seniors who want to leave something to their successors!

I, Victor Bedoya being president of the Drama Club, give my supreme acting, singing, and dancing skills to Driton Cadraku. May his senior performance be as stunning as he is and I wish him only the best!

I, Robert Clark as one of the captains of the Cheerleading squad, will Chelsie Bartaloni my back hand spring and tuck. Handing down these pom poms to one of the best cheerleaders I know!

I, Mile Djordjiovski as one of the captains of the football team, will Kyle Leach my football skills and leadership qualities. I hope his football career is great and he continues to grow as a player and an individual.

I, Sara Papraniku as one of the captains of the basketball team, pass on my love for winning, three point shooting, and leadership skills to Mary Breny. I wish her the best of luck next year. Go rams!

We, Jenifer Mahon and Mikela Likollari, as co-presidents of the Lodi Rampage, will our love for cameras, creative ideas, and enthusiasm for filming to Julia Guinto and Caterina Messina. We truly believe that they will excel in Rampage next year and prove to be great leaders. Good luck!