Punny PROMposals!


Prom is around the corner for the juniors and seniors of Lodi High School! Everyone is shuffling around to find an outfit and a date. With that comes the big question, “How should I ask someone to be my date to prom?” Well, worry not because the Lodi Rampage is here to guide you step-by-step. The following are five promposals to try out before the big night!

General Supplies: Poster, Markers, Scissors (Flowers are always an optional touch)

Promposal #1: Tacos!

“I’d like to TACO-bout taking you to prom…”


Supplies: 12 pack of tacos from TacoBell (anything from TacoBell), or any kind of tacos

Instructions: Cut the poster paper into a taco shape, and decorate it to make it look like a taco. Write the words evenly spaced out, fitting accordingly to the poster. After your poster is complete, grab your tacos, and get yourself a date!

Promposal #2: Starbucks!

“Prom is a GRANDE event, and I would like it a LATTE if you would go with me?” orย  “Be my STAR at prom and I’ll pay for the BUCKS!”

Supplies: A drink from Starbucks

Instructions: You can write it on the cup as a cute and surprising way or the usual poster way. Cut the poster into a shape of the cup and where the Starbucks’ logo is supposed to be, write PROM in big letters in the circle!

Promposal #3: Baseball/Softball!

“Hey batter, batter! My PITCH to you is… will you be my CATCH at PROM?”

Supplies: Baseball or softball (depending on the sport) baseball bat, or catcher’s glove

Instructions: Cut the poster in the shape of the home base, to keep it in the theme. Use colors that are corresponding to the team colors of the person being asked. Ask the person during their practice, or after their game for a grand effect! Dress up as a baseball or softball player if you want to go all in!ย 

Promposal #4: Makeup!

“I want you to be my HIGHLIGHT at prom, so MAKE UP your mind?”

Supplies: A makeup highlighter, easily can be bought at a makeup store such as Sephora or Ulta, or you can get your date a gift card instead if you don’t know exactly what product to get, Glitter, white liquid Elmer’s Glue, Foam poster board

Instructions: Instead of using a poster paper, use a stiffer foam board. Cut the board in the long way in half. Tape the half together so it can open and close. Open the halves and make the top look like a mirror. The bottom can have three circles. Apply a thin layer of glue inside the circle and apply glitter to mimic a highlighter. On the mirror portion write the words. Add glitter on the edges for a flashy touch!ย 

Promposal #5: Romantic Promposal!

“It would be LIT if you were my date… PROM?”

Supplies: Tea light candles, or any small candles, rose petals, roses, white christmas lights, matches or a lighter, an assistant to help

Instructions: First secure an area that this can be done since there will be open flames. On the poster write “It would be LIT if you were my date…” Now use the tea light candles to spell out prom on the ground. Decorate the areas around it with rose petals. Line the area where you are asking the person with Christmas lights. Let someone sit by the outlet where the lights can be plugged in. Read the poster out loud and when you say LIT, the person sitting by the outlet can plug it in. It’ll turn on the lights for an added effect!

Hope The Lodi Rampage can help get you a date for Prom Night! Share you’re promposals and prom pictures with the hashtag #pRAMPAGE2018