It’s All About Respect

Its All About Respect

October. A month known for trick-or-treating, costumes, haunted houses, and the Week of Respect. The first week of October is officially designated as the Week of Respect by the New Jersey Anti-Bullying Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying legislation. This year, the Week of Respect, which is designed to raise awareness to the student body and faculty about the issues of harassment, intimidation and bullying and to help foster and promote a positive school environment, was on Oct. 5-7. According to Mrs. Passano, coordinator of this event, “We encourage not only the student body to become involved, but also the faculty and staff.” The Week of Respect is all about the school coming together. To commemorate the event, select students from Heroes and Cool Kids, a mentoring program, wrote positive chalk messages outside of the school.  There was also a school-wide dress down day (including faculty) called “Team Up Against Bullying.” All participants needed to pay $1.00 in order wear their favorite team jersey in support of this event. The donations collected during dress down day will fund future presentations for LHS students, which are intended to help raise more awareness for the Week of Respect.