A Day in the Life of Nicolette Maggiore

Nicolette’s view in Taormina

Most, if not all, dream of traveling out of the country going to visit some of the most beautiful, breath taking places in the world, and embarking on a new adventure. For, senior, Nicolette Maggiore, it was her first time ever traveling beyond the borders of the United States, when she visited Sicily. However, it is hard for her to choose a favorite place between Siracusa and Taormina; but, if she had to choose one, she would pick Siracusa because she remembers all the shops along a walkway that were overlooking the ocean, the little kids on the rock beaches, the people docked on boats, and  the men and women eating in the cafes. She says it was all so beautiful and she never felt more relaxed.

Off the water in Palermo

Her favorite part of the trip was being able to see her family from her home country since she has only every met and known her relatives from the United States. She says that seeing her family, where they live and how they live, was an amazing experience.

Freshly made pizza in Sicily

Visiting many cities in Sicily like Palermo, Siracusa, Taormina, Agrigento, Bagheria, and Marineo, Nicolette shares how she was able to try all different types of food that she ate has never been like anything she’s experienced in America.

She goes on to explain her unforgettable experience with the local people stating that they were very kind, however, the townspeople weren’t fans of American tourists.

Overall, Nicolette enjoyed her first traveling experience as a whole. Seeing a new lifestyle and setting that’s different than the one she’s accustomed to, she definitely wants to do it again for as long as she can. For those who will one day visit Sicily, Nicolette recommends eating San Carlo Gusto Lime e Pepe Rosa chips as she says how they changed her life for the better. She says to eat as much food as you can and to not feel guilty about it! She also recommends going to as many places as you can while you’re there and to experience everything out of your comfort zone!