A Day in the Life of Emily and Angelica Herman

When we finally make it to high school, we often feel like it is a chance to reinvent who we are and create a different reputation for ourselves. However, for freshman, Angelica Herman, she feels otherwise. Having an older sibling in school may be resourceful and entertaining to have, but Angelica feels that everyone who knows her older sister, expects her to follow in her sister’s footsteps by participating in the same clubs and events, enrolling in the same classes, acting the same, and exhibiting the same personality traits as her.

However, on the other end of the spectrum, Emily describes how she always is playfully teased because many mistaken her for Angelica. Apart from their blonde hair and fair skin that make them look similar, the two both describe themselves to be extremely different.

The two both agree that the main difference between them is how Angelica is more quiet and closed off, while Emily is more enthusiastic and outgoing. According to Angelica, Emily is more rebellious because she is always willing to take on a new adventure, while Angelica would rather do things within her comfort zone.

Despite their differences, Emily and Angelica say how they both share the same sense of humor as they always crack jokes that make them hysterically laugh, always making every moment with each other an enjoyable one. Angelica describes that’s what life is like with her at home, as Emily is always loud and causing a ruckus, but that’s what keeps it interesting in the Herman household. While Emily describes that when they aren’t laughing at each other’s corny jokes, they are either arguing or keeping their distance and “chilling.”

All in all, the two can conclude that Angelica is the more mature one, even though she is the younger sibling. As they both know how Angelica will always over analyze and question many things before perusing something, while Emily is more of a “go with the flow” type of person, and makes most of decisions on the spot, rather than thinking of the consequences. However, whether in school or at home, the Herman sisters will always put their differences aside to find each other’s best interest at heart.