A Day in the Life of Emma and Kylie Bernardo

For many students, they take on high school blindsided, not knowing what to expect as they embark on a new experience. However, some have the advantage of having an older brother or sister with whom they share the experience.

For the past two years, junior, Emma Bernardo learned the ropes of Lodi High School by herself, but this year another Bernardo has taken Lodi High School by storm; this being, freshman, Kylie Bernardo, Emma’s younger sister. Although the two sisters live under the same roof and attend the same school, they both have opposing views of what its like to share their lives with each other.

From Emma’s perspective, going to the same school with Kylie has its pros and cons. Pros being that since she is the older sister, she gets to watch over Kylie in the hallways and she can always check up on her at her nearest convenience. On the other hand, their morning routine has become quite a con. Since Emma has her license and drives to school it is essential that she leave at a reasonable time to find a good parking. However, since Emma is also responsible for Kylie’s means of transportation, Emma states how Kylie constantly makes her late and has to park blocks away to find a decent space for her car.

From Kylie’s point of view, she is overjoyed at the thought of attending the same school with Emma as she stated, “I have my driver/sister/second mom all in the same place, five days a week!”

Although their looks may be similar as sisters, Emma describes that they are much different in terms of how they operate. Emma knows herself to be responsible and punctual, having her homework finished in advanced, laying out her clothes the night before, and always being prepared for the next day. While she describes Kylie to be the opposite, and explains how Kylie waits until the final minutes before leaving for school to realize that she forgot to pack a lunch. However, Emma did share that not everything about them is a polar opposite as they both have the same sense of humor and passion for sports.

Kylie added to their similarities by stating how she and Emma have the same “luxurious locks,” a great sense of humor, and athleticism. However, Kylie also described their differences sharing that when playing music in the car, Emma is a fan of country music, while Kylie wants to blast Drake, Kodak Black, or A Boogie.

Apart from their lives in school, they both described the roller coaster of what it’s like to live in the same household. From Kylie’s point of view, she states, “Living with Emma Rose Bernardo is like living with a very emotional, impatient, stylish woman. It is fun at times, but overwhelming when she has two AP tests, meetings after school, softball, then Zumba at 6:30!”

However, when asked who was the more mature one, Emma and Kylie both believe they are the more mature one. Kylie supports her sentiment by describing a time when her maturity dominated over her adolescent wants: “If Emma wants a Calzone from Lodi Pizza and I want Chinese food, I let my yearning of General Tao’s Chicken not get in the way and get pizza instead to make Emma happy. #Sistersacrifices”

Despite being different in their unique ways, the two both do enjoy each others’ company no matter how crazy one makes the other. Emma loves that Kylie can always make her smile and laugh for hours. Kylie states how she loves to talk about the great aspects of Emma. She likes how Emma is always prepared the night before a busy day, and can always add a creative twist to things. However, what Kylie adores most about her older sister is since Emma is always home, Kylie has her own personal Uber to take her to anywhere she wants.

The Bernardo sisters keep each other’s lives interesting, and no matter where they are, whether it be at school, softball, or home, they’ll know always have each other’s back.