The Lodi Rampage

  • Water Bottle Collecting Due: 4/22
  • Color Run: 5/2
The RE19N is Over

The RE19N is Over

July 9, 2019

The day you all have looked forward to - and deep down have all dreaded - is finally here: Graduation. Class of 2019, you will be leaving behind your final footprints as you walk off as high school gra...

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!: Class of 2019

June 20, 2019

Throughout their final year at Lodi High School, the seniors are always reminded of the big question: What are you doing after high school? Although the college process was very stressful, it has finally...

SEN19R TRIP at Pocono Valley

SEN19R TRIP at Pocono Valley

June 18, 2019

As the year comes to an end, all everyone wants to do is relax and have fun. Before the class of 2019 has to say their last goodbyes, they are able to enjoy these last few months by making unforgettable...

The Class Couple of 2019: The One Where Donny Meets Cat

The Class Couple of 2019: The One Where Donny Meets Cat

Amanda Johnston

February 13, 2019

When teenagers come to high school, they have four years to mature and meet different people. Despite some preferences, most high school students will commit to a long-term relationship during high school....