Placement Test Taking Tips!


College is fast approaching and it is now time for another huge step: Placement test taking! A  colleges use placement tests in subjects like Math and English to check the academic skill levels of entering students. The college then uses those scores to place each student in classes at the appropriate level. It can be very stressful on a student, so here are some tips on how to beat the placement test!

  • Be sure to ask the testing office what supplies you will need for the test (i.e. #2 pencil, calculator, etc).
  • Also make sure you arrive early as it may be difficult to find parking and the building/room where you
    will be testing.
  • Some students are exempt from placement testing based on SAT and/or ACT scores so students should check this criteria before scheduling their exams.
  • Arrive a few minutes early so not to be rushed and you can find the testing room, bathrooms, etc.
  • Be sure to understand the directions for each test before that test session begins. Ask questions if you need to.
  • Read each question carefully until you understand what the question is asking. If answering an item requires several steps, be sure you consider them all.
  • If you have a problem or question during the test, raise your hand and the test administrator or proctor will help you. Although they cannot answer test questions for you, they can help you with other types of problems.
  • Take the placement test seriously. Your placement test results will determine into which classes you will be eligible to enroll. Retesting is limited, so do your best the first time.
  • Study and review the subjects in which you are being tested. Study and review may help improve your placement results, particularly for math and chemistry, subjects for which you may not have recently practiced.
  • Familiarize yourself with the type of test questions that are found on the tests. Sample test questions are available on the links above. Knowing the format of the test questions can help you relax and concentrate during the test.

Just relax and do your absolute best on the test! High school has prepared you for this and everything will be fine!