Seniors Say Goodbye: Winter Sports


The winter season has come to an end, and these senior athletes are not to be forgotten. This is the time to recognize the seniors in each sport of the winter season. These sports include Boys basketball, Girls basketball, and Wrestling. Also in the mix that did not have a senior night were Bowling and Track. Being on any team, no matter the sport, you’re a part of something that is bigger than yourself. You wear a uniform that represents your team as a whole. Not only are you representing yourself and your coaches but you are also representing your last name. Each of these seniors have had their own different unique impact on their team and created lasting memories.


Wrestling, out of all three sports, had to deal with COVID restrictions on their senior night. However, this did not stop these seniors from performing.  The Rams wrestling team went against the Lions from Leonia. Out of the six seniors on the team, only four wrestled due to injuries, however, all four who wrestled won. With wins from Ryan McGuire, Andrew Molina, Jaquil Adams, and Matthew Pacheco the Rams won 44-33. This is truly a night for the senior wrestlers to remember.

Congratulations to the senior wrestlers: Ryan McGuire, Andrew Molina, Jaquil Adams, Matthew Pacheco, Randy Cruz, and Gonzalo Nieto-Segura.

Boys Basketball:

The boys basketball senior night was one to remember as the crowd was packed and the energy was amazing. They versed the bears of Hawthorne. Artan Celaj led the team with 14 points as Alex Marcano chipped in as well as Jordan Rodriguez, Marcos Suarez, and Donovan Salters. The Rams ended up beating Hawthorne 63-55. The boys put on a show for the crowd and they enjoyed every bit of it. The boys played their hearts out on the court and will remember this game after high school.

Congratulations to the senior boy basketball players: Artan Celaj, Jordan Rodriguez, Alex Marcano, Marcos Suarez, Donovan Salters, Jaden Miranda, and Giuliano Tosti.

Girls Basketball: 

The girls basketball senior night was extremely important to them as not only was it their senior night but it was also against our rivals, the Garfield Boilermakers. Seniors Destiney Ndio, Shaniya Mercado, Leslie McFarlane, and Jhannah Sapuay helped the their team push through and score points overall boosting the team with their leadership. The points they scored helped the Rams beat their rivals with a blow out of 42-7. This night had crazy moments with the crowd packed and going wild. These girls proved that they were forced to be reckoned with and it will definitely be a memorable game.

Congratulations to the senior girl basketball players: Destiney Ndio, Jhannah Sapuay, Shaniya Mercado, and Leslie McFarlane.

Cheerleading: Congratulations to the seniors: Melissa Hartofilis, Joary Contreras, Victoria Mann, Cayla Rojas, Stephanie Isabel, and Tianny Tlachi

Bowling: Congratulations to the seniors: Rayna Oakley, German Castro, Pavlos Papadogiorgos, Olivia Laskowski, and Joshua Santacoloma

Winter Track: Congratulations to the seniors: Shaniya Richberg and Amanda Barrett