New Season, New Sports


A new season has come with some new sports. Indoor Track and Bowling are our latest additions to the Lodi High School athletics program. This brings opportunities to those who have an interest in trying something new or continuing a sport all year long. Indoor track lets athletes pursue running, jumping, and throwing in the winter. Bowling has been a sport at LHS before and now it is back! Bowling lets athletes find a passion in something they may have never been competitive in before. These new additions are expanding the athletics program and opening many new doors for success!

Lodi has had a spring track program before but this year Coach Nedilsky and Coach Manzo are excited and proud to announce the addition of our winter track team. In order to learn more about Indoor Track we did a Q & A with the new and one of the first coaches, Coach Nedilsky.

Q: Why did the school add indoor track as a sport this year?

A: We added winter track to the high school this year to give our athletes a way to stay in shape in between seasons. We are also building on our already strong inaugural cross country program coached by Mr. Loose and our spring track program. 

Q: How does indoor track differ from spring track and field?

A: Winter track is different because it is a 200m track instead of 400m. There are a couple of different events as well. Instead of the 100m they run the 55m. There is also only shot putt when it comes to the throws. Spring track has shot putt, discus, javillon and in college they also have the hammer throw. 

Q: What is the most important skill?

A: The most important skill when it comes to track and field is being open minded to trying new events and your flexibility.

Q: How is your first season so far?

A: So far we’ve had about 45 athletes come out for track and the season is just getting underway. 

Q: Why did you decide to coach this sport?

A: I have had four years of experience coaching track and field and I specialize in the jumps and distance running. I decided to first coach track because of my own personal experience from high school. I loved how it was an individual sport and a team sport at the same time. Even though you have to focus on your particular event, your success has an impact on the entire team as a whole. 

Q: Do you think the sport will be successful in Lodi High School?

A: I know that this sport will be successful in Lodi. We have a ton of athletes that just need the right guidance and motivation to have success. It’s going to take time but nothing great in life happens over night. I am really excited for myself and Mr. Manzo to get the season rolling.

Good luck this season to Coach Manzo, Coach Nedilsky and their new athletes!

Lodi High School has had a bowling team before and now it is back! In order to learn more about Bowling we did a Q & A with the new and first head coach, Coach Noordeloos.

Q: Why did the school add bowling as a sport this year after not having it for the past decades?

A: The administration wanted to include a sport for a different type of student-athlete. Bowling can appeal to a wider audience, since speed and agility are not necessarily required to succeed.

Q: Is this sport more individual or more teamwork based?

A: Match points are based on team scores, but the team score is the sum of individual scores–so it’s a nice mixture of both! You might have a low score, but your teammate can pick you up with a high score!

Q: What is the most important skill? 

A: The most important skill is the ability to consistently hit your target. That takes a lot of practice, and that’s what we’re working on.

Q: How is your first season so far?

A: Our first match is tomorrow! But so far, I’m happy to report that our team is coachable, enthusiastic, and improving!

Q: What made you interested in coaching this sport?

A: I’ve been bowling for over 35 years, so when the opportunity popped up, I jumped at it!

Q: Do you think the sport will be successful in Lodi High School and stay as a sport for years to come?

A: Yes, I’m optimistic that our bowling program will grow in the years ahead!

Good luck this season to Coach Noordeloos and his new athletes!