Falling Out of Senior Year


With the fall sport seasons coming to an end, senior day/night is a tradition of high school sports. It gives the senior athletes the spotlight for their last home game of the year. Coaches and the community honor all senior athletes that have worked hard and showed their dedication to their sports, coaches, and teammates. Being on a team, means being part of a family. Most of these athletes have been playing together for their four years of high school, therefore, the last home senior game can bring many emotions like sadness and pride. These seniors now question when they’ll meet up and remember their glorious days that they shared with each other throughout their high school years. The Lodi Rampage was sure to attend each senior night to capture these last memories.

Girls Tennis:

The Girls Tennis Team was the first to have their senior night game. All three senior were greeted with gifts and flowers from their teammates. The Lady Rams versed Hawthorne where all seniors went home with winning score throughout the three singles and Cassidy Capolete and Emma Pontier finished off the doubles. All of these girls led their team to a 5-0 victorious game.

Congratulations to the seniors: Vivian DeLaPaz, Isabella Dinio, and Karlie Rivera

Girls Soccer:

The second team to have their senior night game was the girls soccer team. The five seniors were surprised with presents and hugs from their teammates. These girls were facing Garfield. After a well fought game in the first half, Garfield got one goal in the second half. Regardless of the loss, these girls shared their love and tears with their teammates as they played their last home game.

Congratulations to the seniors: Nataly Jimenez, Olivia Laskowski, Rayna Oakley, Anastassia Buttacavole, and Abigail Rojas

Boys Soccer: 

To start off the game, eleven seniors played against Lakeland. Lakeland had scored two goals in the first half. Throughout the second half, the Lodi Rams did not allow another goal get passed them. Their goal was to tie up but it was a challenging game. The final score was 0-2, it was a sad moment for the boys but they were all met with love and gifts from their family and friends after their game.

Congratulations to the seniors: Maden Rivera, Zein Hassan, Alejandro Pena, Ylli Osmani, Christopher Tepale, Mateo Angosto Ventura, Tarik Agus, Santos Ramirez, Joshue Jaquinet, Vincent Salas, Nezir Hanna, Bryan Ramirez, Jason Hernandez, Ivan Otero, Juan Preciado, Sam Castillo, Juan Perez, Vedant Mistry, and Rinor Osmani

Girls Volleyball:

As the Lodi girls walked onto the court, they were met with gifts and flowers from their fellow teammates. They were ready, with confidence, to face Garfield. They wanted a victorious last home game. They gave it their all and did achieve a 25-19 win against Garfield. What a great way to end their season.

Congratulations to the seniors: Destiney Ndio, Shaniya Richberg, Diana Santos, and Jhannah Sapuay


The Football boys were the last team to have their last home game. The first to walk onto the field was the marching band, after came the cheerleaders, and lastly the football players. All five football seniors were escorted by their families. The guys played against Pompton Lakes and started off with a winning score in the first quarter. There was a turning point throughout the last three quarters. The Lodi boys didn’t give up and got out more touchdown last quarter. Sadly, they lost 33-13. Despite their loss, they played their hearts out and had a fun memorable time on their last home game with their fellow teammates.

Congratulations to the football seniors: Donovan Salters, Ryan McGuire, Lionel Lopez, Marcos Suarez, and Gonzalo Nieto Segura

Congratulations to the cheerleading seniors: Melissa Hartofilis, Amanda Barrett, Jenna Haskoor, Joary Contreras, Felicity Estrella, Valentina Garcia, Angela Laureano, and Lauren Laureano

Congratulations to the band seniors: Sneha Sahadevan, Ana Radojevic, Adana Derios, Carlie Senatore, Carlos Aliaga, Stephanie Blint, Michelle Gonzalez, Giancarlo Messina, Jaclyn North, Marcella Piazza, and Abigail Rojas