Running into a New Sport


Some rams are running into this new school year with a new sport. Cross Country is the latest addition to the Lodi athletics program. This is a great opportunity for students who have a passion for or interest in running. Prior to this addition, Track and Field runners were only able to experience their sport during the spring season; now these athletes can improve their skills and enjoy doing what they love almost all year round.In order to learn more about this sport we did a  Q & A with the new and first head coach, Coach Ruiz.

Q: What is Cross Country Track?

A: Cross Country Track is a sport where the athletes race outdoors in natural terrain. Each race is three miles long.

Q: Why did the school add Cross Country as a sport this year?

A: Cross Country was added as a sport at LHS to expand upon our Spring Track & Field program. Athletes can now also participate in a track related sport in the fall in order to stay in shape and improve. 

Q: How is your first season so far?

A: The season has been exciting so far! We are enjoying running in the beautiful weather and becoming familiar with the course at Garret Mountain where we compete. 

Q: Do you think the sport will be successful in Lodi High School?

A:  I absolutely think the sport will be successful! We have had a lot of interest and student-athlete commitment so far. We are hoping that after a full season, the interest and sport will only continue to grow at LHS. 

Q: What made you interested in coaching this sport?

A: I was interested in coaching this sport because I am the Assistant Girls’ Spring Track and Field Coach (primarily long distance coach) and wanted to continue working with the athletes in another season. It is awesome seeing the improvement at practice each day! I am also a runner myself and enjoy being able to run with the athletes. 


To get more information we were also able to meet with the Lodi athletic director, Coach Tirico.

Q: How do you feel about having Cross Country Track as a new sport?

A: I’ve been inquiring about the return of Cross Country for years.  It’s great and this will help us in Track and Field . We are always competitive in Track but our distance runners were at a disadvantage. Now, distance runners can train all year round so we will be competitive every year. I’m Excited!

Q: Why did you pick Cross Country?

A: It gives our student athletes another choice in the fall to compete and prosper. For example, our wrestlers get involved in the sport in the fall to help train for their season as well.

Q: How is the team doing right now? 

A: It is our pilot season so our turnout is good and we have many young athletes, freshman and sophomores. The future looks bright! We have two young and enthusiastic coaches, Coach Ruiz and Coach Loose.


Good luck this season to Coach Ruiz and her new athletes! If you are interested in watching our new Cross Country team, come out to Garret Mountain on Wednesday, Oct. 6! We hope to see you there!