World-Wide Pandemic: COVID-19

Taking the world by storm in only matter of weeks, the Coronavirus has single-handedly become a world- wide epidemic. From having the ability to shut down public transportation and even entire school systems, what exactly is this virus? 

Developing in 2019, the Corona virus or “COVID-19” is an infection that was firstly transmitted through animal to human contact which led to sicknesses– one of them being the common cold. Symptoms of infection may include fever, cough, shortness of breath, and breathing difficulties. This virus is airborne and starts from within the lungs of its inhabitants. 

As of March 12, about 125,000 people have been infected by the virus. Such places where the virus had the most impact were China, Italy, France, Iran, and even the USA. In a state of emergency, Italy has shut down its borders– no one comes in or out, in order to reduce more outbreaks. In China, once lively, it has become a complete ghost town; with barely any humans on the streets, children taking online school, and with the whole world watching- it has become the center of attention.

This kind of self-quarantine proved effective by avoiding spread but at what cost? In reality, not everyone can afford to not being able to go to work or have the luxury to work from home. Working and lower class people are the most affected within situational matters. Many children depend on having free food from school, people involved in government assistance programs need a way to get food, the sudden shortage of supplies causes mass panic. Now, many colleges in the USA have taken means towards completing the semester online. 


With constant reports on the cases, the media has given the public information on every single matter surrounding the infection. On March 11, Trump issued a travel ban towards Europe for the next 30 days starting on Friday, March 13. Most countries containing the spread have declared a state of emergency in order to get funding for research easier. The USA has $8.3 billion dollars for research and is developing a vaccine for this virus alone. $500 million dollars have been given to Medicare specifically for aiding elderly people in their homes, due to the fact that they are at greater risk than most.  


The main enemy of the COVID-19 is the immune system. Ways that you could build up your immune system could be: eating citrus fruits, consuming ginger, exercising, staying hydrated, and MOST IMPORTANTLY washing your hands-correctly. The best way you can avoid the virus is to avoid touching door handles, no shaking hands, and consistently being mindful of what you touch! Frequent hand washing is a great precaution! 

In difficult times like these, it is important to remain united as people. We derive our strengths from each other’s support and solidarity. Being aware of the signs and staying informed is important, however, do not allow fear to create panic. Support those who may be sick or the countries who are suffering in order to solve this epidemic. Managing this situation is a  way to establish that; before borders and political related issues, we are all one. Our humanity is what keeps us together.