Saving Lives One Food Drive at a Time

Leading up to the week of Nov. 11th, the Lodi High School Red Cross Club created an emergency food drive. The motive stemmed from issues revolving around military families, as some of the families in our community struggle with employment. Although programs such as food stamps exist for them, a section of these mentioned families are not deemed eligible. As a result, a food drive was concocted in aid for troubled veterans. Beginning with encouraged support from club members, participation was extended to students and soon, faculty and pupils alike were donating items and necessities for this positive cause. Money donations were also accepted as people were willing to cash in donations. By the end of the week, the Red Cross Club was able to gather a vast amount of items for the event. Afterwards, Vice Principal, Mrs.Yzquierdo, volunteered to assist further. With some of the money raised, she bought non perishables to donate to the cause. Over all, the food drive was very successful and fostered a great amount of support from all of the Lodi community. The Red Cross Club hopes to take their efforts further, as they continue to plan more community events. Some of these events include a shoe drive in early December, and a blood drive later in March.