Stop the Bleed: One Artery at a Time

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On Friday April 5, Lodi High School’s Pre-Med Club took a trip to Hackensack Hospital in order to participate in the “Stop the Bleed” training program. Ms.Fasulo organized this program so students are aware of and prepared for what needs to be done in life threatening situations. Students took part in hands on activities, such as using a stimulated leg with various types of wounds, the practice was to fill the wound with a gauze pad in one maneuver. Another, and a more sufficient way to stop the bleeding on a human is to use a device called the tourniquet which stops the flow of blood of an open artery by compressing it with a tight cord. This training was followed by doctors and nurses who informed the students of their different roles within the hospital and how they were able to choose their paths. This was a great open discussion allowing the students to ask more about the schooling and clinical hours needed in order to pursue a career in the medical field. Many of the students in the Pre-Med club enjoyed this trip, not only because they were able to be certified in a type of medical of training, but it also provided an overview of their potential future as doctors or nurses. As this trip was seen as a success, Ms.Fasulo wants to schedule CPR training with the hospital so students have many chance’s at saving someone’s life. Ms.Fasulo describes how these training programs do not take any time at all and everyone can be certified. She wants to provide this opportunity to her students so they can be better prepared for the future and educate their peers, as well.

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