Remembering Nipsey Hussle


On Sunday afternoon, Ermias Ashgedom, more widely known as Nipsey Hussle, was shot and killed in Los Angeles, California at the young age of 33. The incident occurred right outside his clothing store, “The Marathon,” in the neighborhood he grew up in, Crenshaw. It is believed that Nipsey’s murder is a result of gang violence which he preached against. Nipsey was actually scheduled to meet with RocNation and the LAPD on Monday to come up with solutions for gang violence in the area. Nipsey was not just an ordinary rapper; he was a father, a partner, a brother, a son, and most importantly a leader to all. His legacy is bigger than his music. He used his wealth and passion to make a difference in his community. Despite many barriers in the way, he was set on improving life in Crenshaw to show the residents that anyone can make it as long as they are determined to do so. Nipsey was never afraid to speak his mind and always had the bigger picture in mind. He aimed to give the youth of his community the tools that they would need to succeed because he understood how hard it could be. Nipsey Hussle said it best himself when he explained the importance of “The Marathon:” “Success or greatness comes as a roller-coaster ride… anybody can apply the marathon concept to what they do.” His loss ways heavy on the hearts of Crenshaw and the rest of the Hip Hop community, but his impact will never be forgotten. The Marathon Continues.

Nipsey Hussle Forever.