Don’t Be Greedy, Pass the Greens

It’s that time of the year again, folks! The time where you finally have a way to completely dig into food, whilst being surrounded by those you care about the most. Ah yes, the great American tradition to feast and to account for all of the things for which you are grateful. Thanksgiving serves as a great reminder to appreciate all of the aspects of life, including the people you love, for which and for whom you are grateful; however, let’s not forget about the importance of giving back to your community.

Many people in the United States, or really anywhere in general, can be forgetful in regards to giving back to their communities. Some, blinded by greed and power, have so much potential to really make a difference in the world, but, unfortunately, choose not to. A reasoning behind such an act could be a result of carelessly turning a blind eye to those who are in need, or perhaps they might not know how to get involved in order to become a helping hand.  A prime example of those who need support would be those who are homeless within our country.

Statistics of the Number of Homeless People Sheltered each night in NYC 2017

Homelessness has proved to be a huge epidemic in the Unites States throughout the years. In fact, according to a 2017 study conducted by the End Homelessness Organization, there are about 564,708 people in
the United States who are homeless. About 15% of those said individuals are “chronically homeless,” meaning that they have disabilities and are unable to receive the help that they need. Approximately, 380,000 people who are homeless are under the age of 18 and about 110,000 of them are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Homelessness is a huge epidemic in this country, however, there are ways to help.

Help fight against homelessness by voting for people who will make a difference and find a proper solution. Persuade the government to invest in more money towards shelters and programs that will help those in need to get back on their feet. For example, in Los Angeles, the County Department of Health Services placed chronically homeless people into housing and set them up with case managers for support services. Such a program even helped the government save $1.20 in healthcare for every dollar they put into the program. By voting, you can use your voice and speak up about such issues.

Find Resources For Volunteering By Visiting

Another way you can give back is to volunteer and dedicate time to your community. Start locally! Some ways you could give back are:

  • Sign up to help at a soup kitchen
  • donate (toys, clothes, food, money)
  • Attend or run a charity event (fundraisers)

Volunteering is key to truly give back to those in need. Giving back is the Thanksgiving philosophy but it should be carried on for the rest of the year, as well. Remember, there is always going to be someone who will need your help. Be open to aiding others and make time to devote yourself to your community. People, for the betterment of humanity, need to stick up for one another to live in peace.