K-pop: Mistreatment and Influence

Korean Pop, better known as “K-pop,” has taken the world by storm. This genre of music has become increasingly more popular in recent years, especially in the United States. The Korea Foundation’s data reveals that fans of K-pop have gradually increased by 63% since 2014 and has about 21.82 million estimated fans. In the span of 86 countries, there are about 1,493 fan clubs dedicated to this music.

What is it about K-pop that makes its so popular, even amongst those who don’t even understand the language? Is it the fact that the artists can dance to perfection? Or is it because they produce music and fan content daily? All of these factors show how hard these idols work in order to be successful.

On an average day, K-pop idols work about 10-11 hours a day. This includes tiresome dance practices, draining vocal lessons, promotion of their music, and many other types of struggles they face. On top of that, they feel the pressure weighing down on them by their companies.

When asked about her opinion of K-pop, Karina Flores, LHS junior, states, “They are physically and mentally overworked to the point where some even pass out on stage, sustain painful injuries, and suffer from different mental illnesses. As a fan of groups like these, it’s hard to see someone you idolize being degraded and overloaded with work.” Idols face a lot of challenges due to the intensity of their jobs. Some of the artists barely get four hours of sleep every night.

Such hard work ethic, causes for the idols to become dehumanized. In their routines, basic needs such as sleep and privacy are not met, as an effect from their chaotic schedules imposed on them by their companies. The company controls every aspect of their lives, even romantically.

After going public with their relationship, the rapper from Pentagon E’Dawn, and, the solo artist, Hyuna faced much controversy in the press because of they were together. Both of them even got kicked out of Cube Industries due to the fact that they broke a clause in their contracts. Such an action is going under heavy fire, as people claim that the industry is not treating them justly.

Reflecting on the impact of these idols, LHS Junior, Eni Saliaj states, “I believe that getting more international recognition is a good thing in order to expand the groups’ fame and have their talent recognized on a larger scale. It makes me happy knowing that people notice the talent the K-pop groups obtain. However, western validation doesn’t prove how much talent a group has.” Her depiction on impact of Kpop, as a whole, proves that idols have been getting the recognition that they deserve, however they don’t need validation to prove their worth. Kpop’s unique sense of taste in music, style, and innovation has the ability to speak for itself.

It truly is amazing to see how hard the idols work and how much it pays off. Even with all of the struggles that they go through, they still manage to have such a great impact on their fans world-wide and will continue to do so in the long run.

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