Rampage Showcase

To Our Viewers:

Hello, I’m Jennifer Mahon. I am a senior as well as co-president of the Rampage with Mikela Lickollari. I’ve been a member of The Lodi Rampage for two years now which is the longest term you can serve in Rampage. I’ve had the pleasure of watching the Rampage grow and evolve for the past two years and I’ve enjoyed being a part of the changes it has undergone. Before I present the short clip I have put together for this afternoon, I would just like to extend my gratitude on behalf of the Rampage to our teachers and staff for seeing our efforts and understanding the significance of the Rampage to the students, Rampage staff, and our school, and I would like mention a few words about the Rampage.

The Lodi Rampage is a unique aspect of our school. Unlike sports or clubs, it is a separate entity of its own that indirectly brings the student body closer and united. What first started off as print, eventually made its way onto an online platform for anyone from any device, from any location to see. The Rampage serves multiple purposes in our school; it is how we cover school events, entertain the student body, highlight certain individuals or groups, inform all audiences of what is taking place outside of LHS, and more. However, that is just the logistics. To the students and staff of not just LHS, but to other schools in the district, it is special. I consistently have students coming up to me asking me when the Rampage is going to publish because they want to see themselves in the videos they were featured in or read the articles written about them or their friends. It gives students a sense of pride, something to look forward to, and a reason to become involved.

On the other side, our Rampage staff is full of diverse individuals who have much to offer. Their dedication, their creative ideas, their eagerness, and sacrifice, is the reason why the Rampage continues to thrive; it is filled with individuals who love what they do and love representing LHS. For our staff, it is a platform, a way to break out of their shells, an outlet, but more so it allows for the opportunity to bridge the gap between them and the students. It is a big responsibility I will say, where mistakes are made or things get in the way of our job, but we manage and always make it work together in the end.

I have put together a compilation of Rampage videos made throughout this school year so far. What you’ll be seeing is the Rampage’s way of highlighting every aspect in our school and in our community. I’ve had the pleasure of making this for everyone I hope you enjoy.

Thank you, again.

-Jen Mahon