LHS Choir’s Spring Concert

On Wednesday, April 18, the LHS choir held its annual spring concert. The Concert Choir opened with Fun’s Some Nights and continued to impress the audience with fantastic performances that followed. The Madrigal Choir followed shortly after beautiful piano performances of a Kanye West medley. After their solo performances, both choirs joined together to seamlessly finish off the night!ย Both Concert and Madrigal choirs did an amazing job performing for their audience.

Throughout the night, the setlist included, but was not limited to, All of Me, Bring Me Little Water, and Viva La Musica!. The choir was led by first year teacher, Mr. McCann. Mr. McCann described his expectations for his first concert by saying, “I was expecting the students to put on a great concert because they put in a lot of work over the last few months toward learning the music we performed.” After the concert, Mr. McCann said that his expectations were exceeded! However, he explained, “There were a few things that went wrong along the way like microphones cutting out unexpectedly and small things of that nature, but even with those small glitches, the students were able to make music in a way that couldnโ€™t have happened with them just being in our classroom and I was very proud of what they accomplished.” When asked about what he would change for next year, Mr. McCann says that he would add more songs for each choir to sing, and he would also host the concert later in the year, giving his choir more time to prepare. He believes, “The students did a wonderful job and with each year the choirs and piano students will continue to improve, and the concerts will improve just as much for both the students involved and the audiences, as well.”

In the end, all of the performances were amazing with the direction of Mr. McCann and it was definitely a night to remember!