Showers of Respect for Our Veterans


It’s no secret that deciding on plans after high school can be quite stressful. “Should I go to a four year college? Two years? Trade school? Which choice is best for me? Which is the least expensive option?” For many students, a smart and inexpensive option is joining the US Military. There are many reasons a student might choose to enlist. National pride is a key reason that many choose the military route. Many students who join the military are looking to protect and serve their country; this can especially be seen in their career choices after they serve, such as police officers, law enforcers, government officials, etc. Another reason students choose this option is due to financial standings. Enlisting is a very inexpensive way to obtain a degree during/after active duty. Many branches of the military offer some form of financial assistance, some offering 100 percent assistance, toward undergraduate and graduate degrees.

There are many other benefits to enlisting after high school. Active duty members receive a salary which, at such a young age, is a good amount to be making right out of high school. Traveling is also made simple and inexpensive for those in the military. Other benefits such as health and dental care can be inexpensive or even free. Overall, you would be learning many training and leadership skills that you can take with you in the years after you have served. Here is some information about each branch so that you choose what is right for YOU!

  • Army- protects the security of the United States and its resources
  • Marine Corps- often first on the ground in combat situations; works closely with Navy
  • Navy- defends the right to travel and trade freely on the world’s oceans and protects national interests overseas.
  • Air Force- protects American interests at home and abroad with a focus on air power
  • Coast Guard- protects the public, the environment and U.S. economic and security interests in any maritime region