Smooth Rams, Poetry Slams, Episode 2

Smooth Rams, Poetry Slams, Episode 2

Everyone has a different way of expressing themselves, but not everyone has the opportunity to share their thoughts with others.  Our next participant was a little camera shy and decided to do a written poem, anonymously, about the joy of the holiday season.  In this episode of Smooth Rams, Poetry Slams, the art of written word is demonstrated. If you are a talented individual who would like to share your work with the world (or LHS), email The Lodi Rampage ([email protected]) for a chance to be featured in one of our episodes!  We are looking forward to seeing your amazing work! We wish you a fun and safe holiday season!


It’s that time of the year

When things feel great

Snow is finally here

Let us celebrate

Heavy jackets on our shoulders

And cozy scarves draping our necks

The world is about to be older

Stuffed with memories we won’t forget

Candy canes get passed around

With smiles brighter than rudolph’s nose

Band and choir provide the seasonal sound

Everywhere that you go

Cool looking hats

And those ugly looking sweaters

Just the sight of that

Shows the power of this weather

Santa’s big day is soon

The elves have been working extra hard

So watch those holiday cartoons

And buy someone a christmas card

Show thanks to the teachers and peers

And everyone else you see

Spread that holiday cheer

Set up a Christmas tree

So deck the hall

Don’t you dare fight

Merry Christmas to all

And to all a good night