Gearing It Up: LHS Robotics


Robotics, a place where gears, bolts, and wires are used to build a small scale robot with specific tasks. Interesting, right? Well if you think so, then you’re in luck! The Lodi Rampage would like to introduce you to LHS’s first annual Robotics Club. We’re here to tell you a bit more information, while, also, answering some questions you may have.

The Rampage had the opportunity to meet with Mr. foster to learn more about this new club. When asked about what he was looking forward to this year, he said, “To having our robot competing in the FTC area challenges and trying to qualify for further events.” These competitions are held between 16-32 teams at a time during which the games are designed to be played by four teams simultaneously, with the teams randomly paired into coalitions of two (two red members, two blue members). The game is a three minute objective based game where points are scored through a variety of tasks including automated tasks and driver controlled tasks. Each group plays a number of preliminary games. The highest scoring teams move on to an elimination semifinal/final round.

For those interested meetings are currently every Tuesday from 3-6 pm, but additional meetings will be scheduled in the weeks before the first event. Any further questions can be directed towards Mr. Foster or any other member currently in the club.

Robotic Club’s current robot