Tramier Younger: The New Addition to the Lodi Track Team


Tramier Younger became a new Lodi High School student in September after moving here from Jersey City. His first association with Lodi sports was winter basketball.   One of the most difficult obstacles in adjusting to a new team is forming new bonds with teammates. Teammate, Shamir Sharrock said,”Once I met Tramier I noticed a very talented, eager, confident person who always drives towards new and better things. We have similar names and similar goals that we want to accomplish throughout the season.” Along with Sharrock, Coach Manzo stated in a preseason interview that he had high expectations for Younger even though he lacked track experience. The Lodi Rampage wanted to interview Younger to grasp his perspective on being a new student and adjusting to a new sports team.

Have you ever had any track experience before? If not, what made you join the team ?

Before entering Lodi high school, I’ve never had any previous track experience. I joined the team because I felt since I was already fast, track could increase my speed and prepare me for the upcoming basketball season.

How did you adapt to the new experience and practicing in a different environment?

Well, adapting to the team and the new experience wasn’t really a problem being that my teammates were willing to help me out and push me to do better, especially in a new environment where everything is different.

 What are some of your biggest accomplishments from this season?

My biggest accomplishments this season, thus far, was setting a new PR (personal record) in the 100 which was a 11.2 and, in the 200, a 23.9. Those are good times that I couldn’t even imagine hitting. My last accomplishments were to make the team and show my teammates that we some of the best runners in our division, which is proven.

Younger is finishing his season in the county tournament in his 100m and 200m events. Good luck to him on the rest of the season.