Hit, Run, Score!: Baseball is in Bloom


With spring comes more than April showers and May Flowers, but the but the spring sport of Boys Baseball. The team has waited all school year to take out their bats and gloves and get back on the diamond. This year the Lodi boys baseball team is filled with returning players  want to lead the team far in the state tournament. The Lodi Rampage interviewed, senior, Mike Scrafano to get his perspective on the team this season.

Q: What are your expectations for this season?
A: We have high expectations for this season and we expect to be very successful. Our main goal is to win our league and make a run in States.

Q: How did you prepare in the off-season ?
A: In the off season, most of us worked together at indoor facilities where we practiced hitting and fielding.

Q: What were the outcomes of the first series of scrimmages and how did the team prepare for these in the first few practices ?
A: The first few practices are just getting back into the groove of things. Since, we’ve had three scrimmages, and have won all three by very comfortable leads.

Q: Who are the seniors on the team and what are there roles this year ?
A: The seniors consist of Michael Scrafano, Adam Ortiz , Richard Fontanillas, Henry Rosario, Evan Geisler, Anthony Ranaudo, David Pena, Brandon Almanzar, and Matt Santana. We all have different jobs that we need to do to be successful this year. We have many senior pitchers and big hitters that need to be successful in order for us to make a run in the league and playoffs.

The team has been training together, working hard on different techniques and strategies for the season. Good Luck to the boys on their opening game April 5 against Pompton Lakes.