Season Sneak Peek with Sebastian


As we entered the spring season, Lodi’s Boys Tennis team began to get their rackets ready. Tennis is a sport that breaks the team up into five different starting positions. These positions include: 1st single, 2nd single, 3rd single, 1st double, and 2nd double. Usually the best three players will be the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd singles. They will then be supported by the next two best players, which would be the 1st double and 2nd double.

This year’s 1st single is, senior, Nyinchay Changrak, 2nd single is, junior, Michael Peters, 3rd single is, senior, Sebastian Duarte, 1st doubles are, seniors, Kyle Crouchelli and Joseph Bisculca, and 2nd double is still being determined. This years tennis team is mostly made up of seniors, therefore, captains have not been announced, yet. Although, one player in particular has been on the boys varsity tennis team since his freshman year. In an interview with the Rampage, Sebastian Duarte expressed his feelings about the upcoming tennis season.

Interview with Sebastian:

Question 1: What inspired you to play tennis your freshman year?

A: I felt inspired to play because mostly all of my friends wanted to try it out, so I figured it was a fun and easy way to hangout with my friends.

Question 2: What is your routine to prep for this year’s season?

A: Right now, our coach is mostly focused on us getting back into shape. We started the practices off with lots of running and conditioning, but then finally we began the fun activities. Coach D’Amico has taught us a couple of quick and easy exercises to help us practice ball control. But my favorite part is when we verse each other one on one because I love going head-to-head with my teammates.

Question 3: How do you feel about the upcoming season? What are some advantages to having Mr. D’Amico as the new coach? 

A: I’m super excited for the upcoming season because out of all of my four years I feel that my team and I are well prepared due to the help of Mr. D’Amico. Coach D’Amico helps each player individually and he helps each one of us overcome our weaknesses. With all of his help, I really think my teammates and I can make it to the Bergen County Tournament. We’ve never been because you have to win a certain amount of games, but we just have a certain confidence that I don’t think can be broken.

Question 4: This being your senior year, what are your plans for after high school? 

A: Well, I am planning to go to college for nursing but I’m not sure where I want to go yet. I plan to continue playing tennis rather it be recreational, or on a college team.

Question 5: How do you feel about this being your last year playing high school tennis? 

A: I’m honestly devastated that this will be my last year, but I’m super excited that this year’s team is better than before. My teammates and I hold high hopes for this season! I have a feeling it’s going to be a great one.

As we wrapped up the interview and asked Sebastian if he had any final words, he stated, “I hope my peers will take the time out of their day to come support my teammates and as we do what we love.” Be sure to show some love to our varsity boys tennis team at their first match of the season on Tuesday, April 4, at Memorial Park!