September Student of the Month: Subraiz Ahmed


Subraiz Ahmed joined us on October 22 for his second interview this month! The first was for his recognition as the World History Student of the Month. This time around, Subraiz is the all-around Student of the Month for September! He “feels great” to have won this award. When asked what qualities he possessed that helped him win this award, he gave a similar answer that he gave on our last go-around. He stated that his “hard work” and “participation in class” helped him immensely. His favorite subject is AP Chemistry, which is perhaps one of the hardest subjects taught in our school. Subraiz’s hobbies include playing basketball and working with┬ácomputers. As far as the future goes, he is looking at UPenn and Duke as his choice colleges. Subraiz is leading towards majoring in Biology, but isn’t quite sure yet. He may one day look to become a Cardiologist. Well Subraiz, good luck in your future endeavors; you have the support of your peers!