The Lodi Rampage

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Respect and Pride at Lodi High

October 9, 2020

The LGBTQ+ community has gone and continues to go through many hardships and fights for equality.  This includes empowering events such as the Stone Wall riots, which started the fight for equality and...

The Dangers of Ignorance: The Trans Community

The Dangers of Ignorance: The Trans Community

Ciara Castro, Writer

October 1, 2020

Terror is rapidly spreading due to fear mongering from politicians and a lack of information about the trans community. The LGBTQ+ community faces a tremendous amount of backlash for being different than...

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

April 13, 2017

The 1970s is a decade known as a party full of exploration without explanation; a time where the people were all about discovery. The '70s were colorful and innovative. The world stood at its most creat...