Joshua Tolentino: The Number One Ranked Sophomore


The number one student in the sophomore class is currently Joshua Tolentino.  He says that the way he got to the top was by being attentive, studying, doing homework, and having a good balance of activities and school.   Tolentino takes honors classes that include US I, Algebra, Chemistry, English II, and Spanish III.  On top of all of his classes he excels in marching band.  Tolentino some how manages his work with a tight schedule between band, school and homework.  When we asked how he feels he should be rewarded for his outstanding achievement he responded with, “Just having this type of recognition and being acknowledged for the work I do, that’s all.”  To his fellow classmates his advice is, “To focus, study hard, and don’t push yourself over the edge. This is how you will succeed.”  Not only does he rise above in school but he could also solve a Rubik’s Cube.