Underclassmen 101


For those of you who don’t know the lovely Mrs. Passano, she was once a member of the Language Arts department. She’s now traded in her literature books to focus more on offering her advice and wisdom as a new member of guidance department. In a recent interview with Mrs. Passano, she offers her advice to the underclassmen at Lodi High.

Q: Do you have any off the bat freshman advice?

A: Don’t look for the pool…it doesn’t really exist….Fusco is a liar.

Q: Should freshmen sign up for extracurricular activities? If yes then why?

A: Yes!  Most freshmen don’t realize that it’s never too early to start to think about college.  Getting involved in as many clubs, activities, and sports as you can, early on, looks amazing on your college transcripts.

Q: Do you have any advice for the freshmen that believe that this year doesn’t really count?

A: EVERY YEAR COUNTS! Especially freshman year.  For most freshman, college is the last thing on their mind. By getting good grades and staying focused, you have a greater chance of being able to build up your GPA so that you are not playing catch-up junior year.  Slacking off may also mean failing classes and in that case, you may be playing catch-up with credits senior year and worried that you may not graduate at all.  Don’t create stress in your future! Stay focused!

Q:  Advice for freshmen that believe popularity means everything?

A: My definition of being popular is someone that has respect and genuinely likes everyone that is around them.  They aren’t afraid to talk to the quiet kid and can fit in with any group.  The popular kids are equally liked by every single one of their peers and are never mean, disrespectful, or hurtful to anyone.  The popular kid walks the halls and doesn’t have an enemy in sight and smiles and says hello to everyone.  If any of the freshman fit the mold of my definition of a popular kid, then I would say that popularity is EVERYTHING!

Q: Tips for freshmen that still block the hallways and cause traffic?

A: MOVE!!!!!! Or you’re going to get yelled at.