The Opening Tracks on the Trail Have Begun

The Opening Tracks on the Trail Have Begun

Annnnnnnnd the first track meet has arrived! Lodi made a splash with both genders on Wednesday, April 1, for the first track meet of the season. The scores are currently still being calculated, so Lodi won’t know if they got a win, but there were still highlights for some of the athletes.

Junior Guilherme Richil, got first place in the high jump and the 200. Bryan Roth and Matt Leto combined to have successful throwing days. Roth won both of his shotput throws, while Leto threw a 45 footer, making it a new personal best.

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On the girls side, Morgan Guarino and Desiree Bermudez made a big impact. Guarino got first in the 100 meter race and the Triple Jump against Glen Rock. Bermudez got one first and two seconds in her 100 and 300 or intermediate hurdles.

Lodi’s next meet will be away Saturday, April 4.