FAFSA Fairy Completion Challenge

FAFSA Fairy Completion Challenge

What happens when a frustrated student can’t complete his FAFSA? Well, he gets help from the one and only “FAFSA Fairy!” The Fairy not only paves the way for Jimmy, but he also shows every other senior how to successfully submit the form. If you follow the instructions closely, you should also get your FAFSA done in no time.


Director: Mr. Morali

Editor & Director of Photography: Allie Vazquez

Writer: Austin Roberts

Sound Operators: Joey Paladino & Austin Roberts

WHAT?!?!? kid: Jimmy Scalia

FAFSA Fairy: Mr. Tarleton

Choir: Dhielan Bustos & Juan Vargas

Also Starring: Lucia Baez, Morgan Guarino, Ahmad Saleh, and Simmi Kaur